Well thats worth knowing.

March 18, 2010

The engineering specs for a 4 mina ballista cover 19 pages. Thats just the parts, not the entire plan by the way. The actual plan is only one A2 sized sheet.

Of course exactly how everything goes together and how it operates exists only in my head so thurppppppt. To be honest I don’t think there’s enough money to get me to part with the plans for Agrippa. It’s the result of 5 yerars work (so far). What would you pay a specialist for 5 years work?

Tell you what I’m in such a good mood I’ll show you the cover.

Go nuts.

Just while we’re chatting I notice a search for “Roman trebuchet plans”. I’m sorry but there’s no such thing. The trebuchet is a medieval counterweight weapon. The Romans were all torsion, all channels. Of course now I’ll be getting mutliple hits from people looking for Roman treb plans and the associated abuse, but thats life.

For those of you seeking plans who do get bitter that people like me don’t give up their plans I’d sugest you give some thought to the fact that we’re dealing here are actually fully functional weapons systems that dominated the battlefield for a longer time than gunpowder has existed. they kill, thats their job, they were designed to do one thing and do it well. Make dead people. I already give away a number of small scale plans and I frequently help people with projects but I can no more make public things like Agrippas plans than I could go about telling people how to put together explosives.

There are enough Darwin awards already and I’ll not have my name on of them thanks.

One comment

  1. I reconized that contraption as soon as seen the “cover” pic on your site. I believe it was on History channel? Anyway they made one, I failed to record it and only caught the ladt of it as i was surfin cable channels. Anyway if you can do a search for it, it might take years off your work…I believe the jews uesd it or at least one very very simular and it was EXTREMLY deadly.

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