Name this object and WIN ten points.

February 28, 2010


  1. Tent poles?

  2. No, I can see why you might think that but the key here is that I’m all about catapults.

  3. Would this be used with a catapult or trebuchet? In other words, is it specific to a certain type of catapult?

  4. Torsion engine.

  5. Its the bar around which the line for pulling down the catapult arm is wound.

    That’s as close as I can come. The flat end slides in to a socket. The line is attached at the ring.
    And something turns it….

  6. So, am I even close?

  7. Mmmm no.

    In fact I doubt its going to jukp out at anyone. Its the sabot for a harpago.

  8. Man! I even had trouble finding that on Google…..

  9. Theres one right there at the top of the page :o)

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