A genuine Can-o-Kick Ass.

February 15, 2010

Which is a good pun if you know your Latin. For others this is Onager-in-a-Can.

A slot together table-top fully functional onager. We all know that cubicle wars are hilarious, but not all of us can afford those twin over chrome plated fox tailed ossiclating widget grublet flash missile launchers that are all the rage with the computing nerd warriors. So why not get anciebnt on their ass with this fully portable system! Yes you can take Onager-in-a-Can with you anywhere it its handy plastic box your tiny catapult will be safe from crushing and can be assembled in minutes.

That geek from accounting will never know what hit him! (A small plastic bead in fact)

Easily mistaken for a lunch item the Onager-in-a-Can blends in on your desk top…

When opened we see all the components and ammunition simply waiting to be assembled.

The parts are laid out and the rubber bands added to the torsion frame.

The throwing arm is inserted with the bands wound up.

The main frame is then slotted together…

and finally the crash bars are added.

Your Onager-in-a-Can is now ready to go.

Onager-in-a-Can is made from 3mm (1/8) blasa wood using less than half a sheet. You can build one using the plan that is available below for a compelled $1 donation to the 22AD Research Fund. The plan is full size so you can glue it directly to the wood for cutting and comes with photo instructions. There is an additional experimentation and history sheet included with the PDF file, so its ideal for teaching some history and physics to the kids.

Current range is about 10 foot and if you happen to have a model making bandsaw like me then you can make one out of some hard wood and get much more range if you so desire or you can use the upgrade optional parts included in the plan. Origionally I had planned to make something that glued together but it turned out that the model worlks well just being slotted together meaning you’ll be able to change rubber bands without breaking it apart.

PDF files will be sent to your email address within 48 hours. Please make sure you enter you email addresss correctly to avoid bitter recriminations and later face palming. Also feel free to pay the paypal fee please. And if you wish you can always donate more than $1 if you so desire and my crew were certainly appreciate it since it’s a long way to walk to Denmark from here.


  1. […] wood using less than half a sheet. You can build one using the plan that is available from the 22AD Artillery blog for a compelled $1 donation to the research fund. The plan is full size so you can glue it directly […]

  2. 4 mina is about 5 pounds;4/60th of a talent; 240 sheckels; 2.284 kilos, 2 sila of water. I have a buck here in my hot little Badger Paw, where do I send it?

  3. “Rod Gozinya” congratulations on being the first person banned at this site.

    You might want to seek professional help with that homophobia thing because its a classic case of projection.

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