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A couple of games for the keyboard catapulters.

February 7, 2010

Firstly the well known Crush the Castle. A fun little time waster followed up by the Crush the Castle Players Pack which has a lot more desgins from players I suspect.

Then theres one of my favorites, not so much as a game but as a simulator. The Warrick Castle Trebuchet Game. In this simulator you can alter the weight of the counterweight and the missile to shoot at a target which will randomly set itself anywhere beween 100 and 300 metres. If you set the counterweight to max and just change the missile weight you’ll soon work out what range you’ll get at each setting and impress your spouse and offspring with your ability to hit the target with the first round…for about ten seconds and then they’ll they start bugging you for more money for the movies and to mow that damn lawn and her mother said you were a no good layabout bum and she could have had her pick of guys like Jonny Mathews who is in money markets know and has three cars … blah blah blah…

mmm castle smashing goodness.