Introducing a crack team of elite specialists…

February 1, 2010

The Eh Team!

Our sketch artist has put together this  impression from eyewitness accounts of this hand picked group of former New Zealand Army experts* None of them were willing for their kids to actually see photos of them looking like this anyway so we had to go graphic, but innocent bystanders have attested to the uncanny likeness of the image. In order to the protect the guilty they shall remain nameless for the time being.

This is the collection that I plan to take to Denmark to impress academic world with out smashy skills.  Actually in terms of breaking things you couldn’t do better than the New Zealand Infantry. I’ll just tell them not to touch the walls… the moment they all look very innocent and start whistling casually I’ll now the walls are about to come down.

* X = unkown quantity, spert = drip under presure.

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  1. i added this to my blog rolling for you 🙂

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