Results are in from the World Championship* Pumpkin Chucking

November 10, 2009

1st Yankee Siege                  ** 2034.21’      620.03m
2nd Merlin                                   1535.31’       467.96m
3rd American Chucker           1427.28’      435.04m

1st Roman Revenge II             1734.85’      528.78m
2nd Onager                                   1431.87’      436.43m

That was a new world record by Yankee Siege by the way.

Ok so who has got about $500,000 so I can go next year and make a spalsh?

*This would be one of those world championships that seems to only be held in the US.


One comment

  1. Its an American thing. We hold a world championship and don’t invite the world – Baseball, Football, punkin chunking…

    Its what we do.

    On the other hand in golf and tennis, we hold our National Championship and invite the world, and then revere and honor the foreign competitors if they win.

    Hey? If we only did things that made sense, we’d still be a British Colony.

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