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A little video…

September 21, 2009

This is a video of Joe and Anthonys first attempt at a twin torsion system using my tennis ball/golf ball ballista plan. (Yours for only $10 US and comes with full on line support – send me a picture and I’ll tell you whats wrong, you wont get that from bill Gates.)

You’ll note the commenable need to test fire before actually completing the stand. Do not be alarmed by the apprent lack of imprssive smashing power. Chucky was likewise not particularly awe inspiring on his first attempts and is now the most powerful torsion engine for size in the country.

We’re currently working through a list of tunning and setting options for this machine now… as well as operational issue like not putting our fingers inside the bite of the sting there Anthony.

We’ll scare that dog yet.


Note to web searchers.

September 18, 2009

There is no such thing as a  “medieval ballista”. Same way there is no “WWII trebuchet”.

“Ballista” is a Latin corruption of the Greek “ballistra” based on the greek word for “throw”. Basically its Greek for throwing machine and refers to ancient torions weapons. odly enough no one used ancient weapons in the middle ages, they used medieval weapons. the only torsion machine used during the middle ages was the springald that would have been laughed and jeered off the field in any ancient battle.

Sugest you pre-order a copy of Slings and Arrows – the Evolution of Pre-Gunpowder Artillery today.

It’s such a job correcting 600 years of missinformation.


Exhibition to you

September 8, 2009

for those of you that couldn’t make it here’s a quick look.

Bree B & M

Dana Murray


By the way, see the guy on the right, its all his fault.

Display Museum

Te Manawa